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Tips for Toning your Oblique Muscles

Oblique muscles are located to the side of your trunk. Owing to their importance in maintaining a good musculature. When looking for a fitness job in Sydney you must always includes exercises that provide a good workout for the oblique muscles. When you begin a fitness plan, make sure that there are sufficient exercises focusing on these important parts of the body. Below given are certain tips that can help in toning these muscles.

  •  Always begin and end exercise regimes with stretches. Your oblique muscles are stretched in almost every kind of stretch. Include side bends and stretching hands up in the air while standing on your toes. Breathing in the right manner is also very important when you stretch.Fitness Jon in Sydney
  •  Ensure that when you stretch, the pressure is on the oblique muscles. Do not crane your neck or take the strain on your shoulders. To find more details about proper stretching click here.
  •  Oblique crunches are essential ingredients in any fitness regime if you want to achieve a toned look. They are easy to perform and are almost a part of every outdoor group personal training programs.
  •  Oblique twists are important to reduce fat layer on the muscles. You can add a lot of variation for twisting. For example, you can lie on the floor with knees bent and hands behind the neck. Lift your body and try touching the right knee with left elbow. Do not force yourself if you cannot. As you develop flexibility, you will be able to do it. Lie back down and repeat the exercise with the other hand.
  •  Side bends are great for the oblique muscles. Stand erect with back straight and legs about a foot apart. Bend to your side without leaning forward. You can take your hand over your head in the direction of the bend. Another good variation of this exercise is to do it with dumbbells.
  •  Do not exercise your oblique muscles every day. Twice a week or working out on alternate days will get you the most benefits. This is also the pattern followed in most of outdoor group personal.
  •  If you want to have bulging oblique muscles, weight training is essential. According to experts in outdoor group personal training, kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls have to be used to tone oblique muscles.
  •  Have a well planned regime and increase intensity as you progress. Do not continue with the same intensity for more than a week.
  •  Do not attempt these exercises without properly learning them from experts like

Toned oblique muscles not only improve strength of the body, but they also help in creating a beautifully sculpted physique.

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Personal Training – The Importance of Belief for Weight Loss

Personal Training in Broadbeach – Importance of Belief for Weight Loss
Experts at personal training centres believe that weight loss is as much a mental battle as a physical one. Weight gain is primarily caused by a lack of exercise or eating too much or both. In some cases, age, genetics, hormonal imbalances and other factors can also play a significant role.

Psychological Factors

Experts at personal training in Broadbeach have pointed out that psychological factors play a huge role in how much weight you can gain or lose. Your body weight is determined not only by what you do or don’t do, it is also determined by your belief that the steps you are taking are also important.

When overweight or obese people realise that they need to lose their excess weight, they also try to change their behaviour and beliefs about food intake and exercise. Otherwise, the weight loss won’t be possible.


First of all, those who are trying to lose weight have to believe that they can lose weight and that fat busting is possible, even if it takes time. Everybody does not have the same body structure, physical constitution, metabolic rate or hormonal profile.

That is why, different people take different amounts of time to lose similar amounts of fat.

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